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Having your bookkeeping in order is increasingly more important in helping your freelance company manage its financial operations and make informed business decisions.

We are a team of financial professionals who want to make your life easier by offloading your accountancy responsibilities. We do this by preparing and analyzing your financial statements, reconciling your bank statements, and then, of course, calculating and handling your taxes. By recording, classifying, and summarizing your financial transactions, we provide information that is useful in making business decisions and helping you grow further.

Prioritize your business
Maximize productivity and focus on core business activities with our efficient and streamlined accounting processes.
Compliance and Tax Efficiency
Our services ensure regulatory compliance and help you optimize your tax position by leveraging legal deductions effectively.
Cost Efficiency
Reduce expenses by outsourcing accounting tasks and eliminating unnecessary overhead costs.
Expert Support
Benefit from our expertise in accountancy in Dutch and EU tax legislation and accounting principles.

Batth Consulting takes the extra step

We aim to build long lasting partnerships. We love seeing our partners grow and achieve their full potential.

We simplify your financial administration by having a single point of contact (SPOC) for all your accountancy needs.

We ensure you meet all the legal bookkeeping administration requirements and profit off of the right deductions.

We provide personal advice to build the right administrative structure to further grow your firm.

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Administration simplified

We will guide you from start to finish throughout the process.
Consultation and Onboarding
We begin with a thorough consultation to understand your needs and seamlessly onboard you to our services.
Administration Setup
We set up the necessary administrative tasks and process the paperwork, making this as effortless as possible for you.
Ongoing Support
Our expert team provides continuous support, ensuring that all your accounting needs are met promptly and efficiently.
Peace of Mind
You can rest assured knowing that all your accounting tasks are completed, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Meet Batth Consulting

Put your financial matters in capable hands with Batth Consulting. Our proven expertise and reliable solutions build trust and provide the guidance you need for financial success.
Expert Guidance
Access to extensive expertise in financial analysis and strategic planning.
Long-term focus
We build long-term partnerships and provide ongoing support, acting as a trusted advisor for your business.
Cost-Effective Solutions
Reduce costs compared to maintaining an in-house finance department.
Data-Driven Decisions
Make informed strategic and operational decisions based on analysis.

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Take control of your financial future with accurate and reliable financial models.

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